WhereIsMyMoney Bot

Telegram: @whereismymoneybot

Telegram bot to track your expenses. Works on any device with Telegram messenger.

# features

  • > Of course, it shows you statistics :)
  • > #tags #more-tags #tags-for-everything
  • > Travel mode: adds tags automatically when you are travelling
  • > Exports to CSV and XLSX
  • > Sends weekly and monthly reports about your expenses
  • > Works offline: all your messages will be sent later
# questions?

Try it!

Feel free to write any feedback using the bot.

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# why messenger?

I created this bot to use by myself. I wanted a quick and straightforward way to save expenses.

Messengers are very convenient. You can send messages from any platform: iOS, Android, Web.
You even don't need to be online. If the message is not delivered, you can re-send it later.

Another great feature is that you can save shared expenses with your partners and friends.
Just create a new group and add the bot to the chat!

# tags

Tags are useful when you are travelling.

You don't want to create new categories for expenses, but you want to know how much did you spend for your last holidays?

Just add tags to your message: "15.75 cafe #travel #portugal".

And you will be able to track all expenses with these tags in the future.

# travel mode

In the travel mode bot adds tags, specified by you, to every new expense.

Enable travel mode, go to holidays, and that's all!